Leap of Faith — Launching My Own Business


About seven years ago, this novice writer found herself on the doorstep of her first-ever writing group.  Only my journals had ever seen the ink from my pen, but there I was stepping out of my comfort zone with seven strangers, bonded only by our love of the written word.  I had no idea what to expect; just who exactly were these other people and why in the world they would be interested in the same thing as me?  But that first night in a beautiful house on the shores of Lake Michigan would turn into a full-blown, four-year love affair of not only writing, but writing with others.

I then moved from Michigan to my home state of Texas and my pen stopped moving for a long time.  After the dust settled, something deep in my belly began stirring (and it wasn’t just all the amazing food that is Southeast Texas cuisine) and my pen felt a little restless.  I missed my writing partners and the safe space we had created.  So naturally, I would need to find another group…I was ready to begin again.  However, to my dismay, AWA did not have a facilitator or chapter in Houston.

For months my disappointed little mind would play on repeat, “Awwww, man! I can’t believe there isn’t an AWA group in Houston.  It’s the 4th largest city in the country for cryin’ out loud!”  One day though, the light clicked on.

As I repeated the familiar (and by now worn out) lament, the downturned corners of my mouth gave way to slowly raised eyebrows, a faster repetition, and a few exclamation points at the end.  At that moment I knew – the reason Houston didn’t have an AWA group is because I had not yet started one!

Life circumstances being what they are, my dream is finally becoming a reality.  As of today, I am officially launching the Salt Water Writing Studio – Houston’s only AWA writing group and workshop.  I hope to create a safe and stimulating writing space for beginners and experts, recovering MFA’s and moleskin journalers; a space where anyone who writes is a writer and a collaboration of unique and validated voices, whom we shall all learn from and with, together.

You can learn more about the AWA method here, but more importantly you can come write with me and experience it for yourself.  Hold on Houston, this could be huge!


  1. I love the freedom and self expression writing can create. Words are powerful. They can spark realities unknown. They can foster change. They can help heal. They can leave legacies. You are helping create that space. This website is a great encouragement to my heart to write once again…All the best with your first fall session my friend.

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