In the Magic Business


The Salt Water Writers gathered again this past Tuesday and wrote about “home” and menial things.  I continue to be blown away by the words that comes out of these people.  They can take an idea like unpacking a suitcase or organizing a closet and make it into quite the adventure and layered with depth.  One of our writers mentioned a book she read about the collective unconscious and I tell you, we were sharing something similar.

At the end of the workshop, the writers began to talk about some things that they like about the group; what they did not realize is that they were discussing exactly what makes the AWA method so powerful.  It added a new sparkle to my eyes to see the method in action with novice participants; and to actually watch a writer who thought she had put crap on paper realize that it wasn’t crap and in fact it was quite beautiful, gave me a rush of adrenaline.  It was equally as amazing to watch another writer find grace in an area of life that is usually full of despair – all because she wrote it out (and in an unconventional way!)

And really, this is the unarticulated reason I wanted to open this studio: to make magic together.




  1. It truly is a beautiful thing when writers can encourage each other instead of feeling threatened by others’ successes. Your studio sounds like an enchanting place to be. 🙂

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