Digital vs. Analog

It’s a lifestyle choice, right?!  So I’ve not yet jumped on the digital e-reader bandwagon.  My mom has a Kindle (circa 2009) and I haven’t been too impressed (more of a *meh* response) and really I make too many notes in the margins of most of my books for an e-reader to even be an option.  But that’s usually because I read mostly non-fiction.  However, lately,  I’ve been adding a lot more fiction to my nightstand / to-read-wish-list, and I think that an e-reader would be most beneficial for this genre (or at least a higher turnover rate).  I read at a moderate pace and I usually have multiple books in progress, so I think that an e-reader would be beneficial for this too.  Still, in the con column though is the price of an e-book.  Yeowzer.  Ten to Fifteen dollars?!  I’m a total sucker for buying second-hand books for way cheap (or even better — borrowing from my sister because she probably bought it brand new!)  However, in the pro column, I found out that  you can check out digital books from our library.  So… I’m still a little torn.  Pro — many books, tiny space.  Con — no color cover art to help me choose my selection.  🙂  Really, my biggest con is something I can’t quite articulate.  Somewhere in my brain, physical books = comfort.  Maybe I just need to try it.  Any thoughts? (Hey, Amazon — would you like this self-proclaimed analog lover to test your new, fancy paperwhite? Email me for my deets!) *cheeky, I know*

Digital or Analog

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  1. My mother also has a Kindle and raves about it but like you I want to hold the book in my hands, see the cover, and I love reading used books and thinking of all the others who have enjoyed the words like I am.

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